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Truck-bedz customers have enjoyed Expedition series cloth air beds for years

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Wherever you happen to park, have a great durable bed ready in seconds.

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Giving customers great products was our focus. If an interested party is inclined to continue, please let us know

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Thank you loyal Truck-bedz customers, It has been our great pleasure to provide custom shaped beds to thousands of wonderful truck loving outdoors lovers. As many know the strike between the Longshoreman's Union and the Teamsters Union kept our products out of the market for an entire season which just crippled us. This is the last website devoted to the fans of our Truck-bedz incredibly stout cloth shaped air beds.

The business and patents are for sale to any interested parties. Thank you All.

TD3 Products LLC

23052 Alicia Parkway, H117, Mission Viejo, California 92692, United States

(949) 460-0395